Mi Wuk Kettle Corn Arrives in Boise

Mi Wuk Kettle Corn Arrives in Boise

What do I miss most, besides the people, from Mi Wuk Village? The KETTLE CORN!  Mike Laurance, chief Kettle Corn Cooker, lives just down Lama Hisum from where we lived and getting his Kettle Corn was fairly easy when we lived there.

Now, someone I know who lives the other direction along Lama Hisum has been known to taunt me when he (hello Gregory) has Kettle Corn and I don’t.  So I challenged him.



Today………..I got the call that a Priority Mailing Box had been delivered to my mailbox and I should go rescue it right away.  So……….

…..out the front door and up Hopwood for a block……….

Hopwood Dr., Avimor


Then, at the end of the street, I cut across the vacant lot to Shepherds Pie Drive.

empty lot


Then, the bank of mail boxes.The mailboxes


Aha, inside our box is a key for the larger box below:
Our box 10


Inside…..could it be???

THE promised BOX!


Return trip home, back to Hopwood….

back home I go


….via the empty lot:

back across the empty lot


Home is in sight at the end of Hopwood :

home is in site


I’m starting to salivate:

The front door


The box is ripped open:



After nearly 8 months:

At last......Mi Wuk kettle corn


Aha!  Russ and I are enjoying our first mouthfuls of Mi Wuk Kettle Corn this year.  Thank you Mike Laurance for the ‘corn’ and thank you Gregory Oliver for packaging and sending it to us here in Boise.  You guys make a great team.  It’s totally appreciated for sure.  There’s not another that’s comparable in my humble estimation!  Thank you again.

No Fire Board Mtg 4-14-20

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    Blythe Thank you. We hope you savor your bags as it might be a while before we can make up another batch. Unless we get a great big PLEADING call from miss placed Mi Wuk’ns in Idaho!!!! How are you both doing?? Has Russ found a few things to do yet??

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