I found this local snowman on FaceBook (Mi-Wuk Neighbors) this morning, shared by Paulette S., who gave me her permission to share it here:

Mi Wuk snowman

My grandson’s Mi Wuk Snowman, made on our deck railing the Saturday after Christmas.  He’s still with us–the snowman that is!  It’s really been consistently cold in Mi Wuk.

Zion's snowman, 28 Dec 20152 Jan 2016 Zion's 'hangin' on' snowmanThe temps have finally broken the 40 degree mark, standing at a whopping 41 degrees at 12.15 p.m. today.  Ice cycles are melting.  So far Zion’s snowman in hanging in there.

Do YOU have a snowman photo?  If so, send it to me via email (blythek@mac.com) and I’ll put it on this page.  Thanks!

Blythe's snow signature



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