I neglected to post this wonderful bit of history when receiving the email way back last January!   It’s still a totally interesting bit of Mi Wuk Village history!  I’m not sure when it was written.

Maybelle Rasmussen/Mi Wuk Village sign
Maybelle Rasmussen


Having enjoyed the pool and golf course at Mi Wuk Village, we decided to buy a piece of land and build a cabin.  We purchased lot #354 from Harry Hoffer’s salesman in October of 1955.  The salesman recommended Moore and Johnson for builders, so the process began in May of 1956.  A shell was built and it was rough plumbed.  We moved in on our 10th anniversary on June 22rd 1956.  It took us five years to finish the cabin coming up from Hayward on weekends.

We had many good times in the early years at Mi Wuk.  We were encouraged to join the Mi Wuk Improvement Club.  “Getting involved” is my motto.  I recall serving one year as vice president of the organization.  We learned that a triangle of land on Highway 108 was available for a sign, indicating that Mi Wuk was a community.  I offered to come up with a design that was accepted by the Board.  I wanted it to be massive and have the resemblance of a national park sign.  The wood was donated by a member (sorry, I ‘ve forgotten the name).  The letters were routed by a professional and painted white; however, the letters at the base of the sign remained unpainted.  It indicates:  “Erected by the Mi Wuk Improvement Club October 1969”.  It is with pride that I look at this sign when I drive by coming into Mi Wuk.  Enclosed is a recent photo and only photo of myself taken by the sign.

Maybelle H. Rasmussen

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    Hello, I was reading your entry about building a cabin in 1955 and our family ,well my Grandfather built a cabin there in around 1960 we spent a lot of time there growing up ,we learned about the different trees in the forest,experienced snow for the first time,went on hikes and drank from a cold stream and played in the forest right outside our door,things that are so special I have never forgotten and have stuck with me and largely shaped who i am today.As I am remembering,I watched a YouTube video from 1955 and all the places when telling about Mi Wuk are familiar from childhood, but as I am searching history out I was wondering about just behind the sign in 1955 there says swimming pool and golf course which I was wondering about is that still there, we had gone there rode horses in the stables many many years ago ,I wasn’t sure,I google mapped to show my kids but didn’t see anything like that and wasn’t sure if it has changed with time,I thought if it is ok I would ask you .Thank You!

    1. Blythe

      You have such a wonderful history here Karen, and I’m envious of the early experiences you had. There is a meadow now where the golf course once was. And it’s now subdivided into three parcels I think. It’s not suitable for building (fortunately!). One parcel is going to be home to an orchard (apple?) though. The swimming pool is still there but is under private ownership. When was the last time you were in Mi Wuk? No more cabin here? Google Pela Road (follow it if you can), Golf Links Rd and Paipu Roads. They sort of (very sort of) surround the property that was once a golf course. I hope I answered a bit of your questions. Anyone else……feel free to add your thoughts. ~Blythe

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