Have you noticed that the Mi Wuk Village large wood welcome sign went missing yesterday?  You can see it over Mike Welch’s (worker on left) shoulder in the banner above.

Mi Wuk Triangle without the welcome sign

The culprit is not related to Halloween.  It wasn’t a goblin.  And while I’m not sure exactly who removed it, there is a purpose:  preparation for installation of the new Mi Wuk Village sign.  The new sign is based on an original logo for Mi Wuk Village from the 1950s.

The sign gorillas (team) are going to be installing the side supports for the new sign in the immediate future and if all goes well we’ll be seeing the new sign soon.

Stay tuned.

Halloween BOO


Blythe's Fall Pumpkin Signature

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    I think the new sign looks great! However, it is difficult to see. The other sign had white letters which made it more visible. Will they be doing that with this sign as well?

    1. Blythe

      Cheryl, I haven’t seen the new sign yet since I’ve been off galavanting in Europe for three weeks, but I’ll definitely share your thoughts with those who were in charge (not me!!). I’ll bet they never even thought of that when the green paint was selected. I get home later today (Tuesday) and will check it out. Thanks for sharing your thought! ~Blythe

      1. Avatar

        Blythe, I just returned from a few weeks in Europe myself! We were in Positano and Rome and the weather was fantastic! I hope you enjoyed yourself~Cheryl

        1. Blythe

          I had a fabulous time Cheryl. I avoided the problems in Paris, visited a former exchange student and her family in Rouen, France, attended a Stampin’ Up! (my business) convention in Brussels and then finally spent a final week with a former exchange student, aka ‘son’ and his family just north of Kiel, northern Germany. I had a fabulous, amazing, almost surreal trip. Isn’t is wonderful experiencing that older world, culture and it’s beauty? The weather, except for northern Germany, was warmer that what I had packed for and it was really great. I also had the real pleasure of packing only a backpack and a carry-on bag. What a way to travel!!! Welcome home.

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