Monday Morning Update: 10 a.m., 23 January 2017

Bulletin, 10:10 a.m.:  Would you believe that Comcast has had no word that their system is down, that there is an outage.  Please bombard them:  1-800-COMCAST.  Any phone number you might find in a phone book is no longer in service.

Now to this morning’s update:

Currently snowing.

8″ overnight in the Lama Hisum Road area.

13 outages in Mi Wuk Village / 595 residences affected.

Waste Management will not be collecting garbage/recycle today!  They’ll call (recording) when then know the rescheduling date.

Questions?  Thoughts?  Praise to crews?  Leave a comment or send me an email.

I do have internet via my cell phone and I’ll check in every hour or so.






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  1. Avatar

    Sierra Nevada Communications Cable is out too (Comcast doesn’t make it up to us). And I can’t reach them at their Customer Service #’s; they’re both giving a “disconnected recroding”. Does anyone have word about that?

    1. Blythe

      That’s no fun Stacy! I hope someone has an answer for you because I sure don’t. Are you in Sugar Pine? Sierra Village? Mi Wuk? ~Blythe

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