Dear MWSPFPD Auxiliary Member(s):
Please consider…If a number of people offer SOME help, it won’t be as difficult to fill this need…
Do you have a large or small area in your home/garage/storage shed where our Auxiliary might store a number of items for next year’s May 2021 Rummage Sale FUND RAISER?
The resale potential of these items is too great to just dump them.  Our Auxiliary NEEDS these funds to continue its support of our Fire Department.
The Blakes have been paying storage fees (out of their own pocket) for the past year!  THANK YOU, SHERRY AND DAN!!!
All offers will be appreciated.  Please give it some thought.
Please contact Sherry at (510) 861-3954 by August 5, 2020.
Thank you in advance.
Nickie Doss
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