Need Something to do While Sheltering-in-Place?

Need Something to do While Sheltering-in-Place?

Just over a year ago — like March 22, 2019 — it came to my attention that the 1955 Harry Hoefler Mi Wuk Village promotional video had disappeared from it’s blog post.  It had been on the blog for several years and then the YouTube site that hosted it was de-activated.  (Is that a word?)

Click on this link: from a year ago and then click the link within the article and sit back and enjoy.

Enjoy your ‘corona-cation’ and make the best of it.  We’re in Idaho now, you might know, and when it’s not too cold in the garage we’re attacking the hundreds of moving boxes we brought with us.

When life returns to ‘normal’ there’s a real nice house, previously known as “Sanctuary” on Lama Hisum Road (24133) that’ll be for sale.  It’s a fabulous mountain retreat.  (tell your valley/bay area friends)  I’ll be posting when it’s back on the market.  Right now, real estate showings are off-limits.

Now…….go enjoy the video.

PS It’s snowing in Boise right now too.
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