New Tank for Mi Wuk Heights Mutual Water Company

Work began yesterday, July 9th, on the new metal (bye-bye to the original redwood tank) water tank.  It’s expected to take until this coming weekend for completion.

Since the tanks are in my ‘backyard’ I’ll be taking daily photos during this construction process.  I find it to be very interesting and it’s not often that one gets to see the inside bottom level of one of these large water tanks.

That orange “Sky Jacker”, a rough terrain forklift, brought the thousands of pounds of tank components to the installation area. That view through the trees will be gone soon.


Step 1 – the base.






It’s quite a narrow passage along the access road — but it was wide enough and that’s all that matters.
Little miss Ginger was patiently waiting for me to return from the top of the hill where the tanks are located. Just had to put her in the sequence of events!

If you have questions about this process, don’t hesitate to ask them.  Either email me or add the as a comment.  I probably won’t know the answers but I’ll be able to find them.

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