Sadly, there will be no Chief Fuller Day this year.  Chief Fuller Days is a craft fair event that’s been held along Highway 108 from Diamond Jim’s parking area to the Mi Wuk General Store for the past two years.  Plans were complete for 2015, vendors signed up and fees paid.  But…….

It seems that a Cal Trans official in Stockton doesn’t deem shoppers in our mountain community able to intelligently navigate Hwy 108.  He requested a permit that was double the amount from last year as well as the hiring of a ‘qualified’ crossing guard–and even hinted that we needed a painted crosswalk on 108 before the event.  This is rather ‘editorial’ on my part, but he really doesn’t have a clue.  Diners cross Hwy 108 all the time from Diamond Jim’s parking lot to Andy’s Mountain Grill.  Safely!  Even Cal Trans workers have been seen doing this.

Bottom line:  the demanded fee was too high for the organizers to justify, as were the Cal Trans official’s request for certain hoops to be jumped through too high and unreasonable to be acceptable.

  • Vendors will lose money.
  • The Mi Wuk Area Homeowners Association (MAHA) will lose fund raising sales.
  • The Mi Wuk Sugar Pine Fire Protection District Auxiliary will lose fund raising sales as well as lose the opportunity to promote and sell dinner tickets for the September 5th Annual Spaghetti Dinner.
  • Local restaurants will lose money.
  • Mi Wuk Market will lose money.
  • The community has lost a fun event, at least for 2015.
  • Other non-profit organizations have lost an opportunity to raise funds for their winter funding needs.
  • The Forest Service has lost an opportunity to education folks on forest safety and drought issues.

Thank you everyone for your event support the last two years and let’s hope that Chief Fuller Day will be back in 2016.  It’s a fun event, good for the community and good for all.

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