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Thank you to those who were able to come to the meeting on Thursday and those who sent questions if they couldn’t be there in person.  What follows are the notes I took.  They are in the order the questions were brought up.  I’m sure there will still be more questions.  Be sure to ask them on the blog or send me an email ( and I’ll find someone who can answer it.  Hopefully!  🙂

From the meeting:

If you have a Mi Wuk Village, CA 95346 address but didn’t receive a form in the mail, it’s most like because of the “tax rate area” of your address.  I know no more than that.

If we can locate a crew supervisor we can perhaps get a tentative schedule of how long they’ll be at a location.  It also depends upon the difficulty of removing the marked trees for the location.  The crew gets daily schedules.

Downloadable form:  After half an hour of searching I finally located the downloadable Right of Entry Permit / Tree Mortality Emergency Program. You can download the form here.  (just in case:   Do not make any changes/strike outs on the form or it will be invalidated.

PG&E will “most likely” move to Sugar Pine next.  And that will be sometime next year.  Don’t quote me on that statement!

If you do not have dead trees on your property, but have received the form in the mail, definitely do return it, signed, to the county using the address on the left side, upper, of the form.  County of Tuolumne, Office of Emergency Services, 2 South Green Street, Sonora, CA 95370.

Over the past few months, there has been communication (radio, newspaper, mail, etc) from Cal Trans, PG&E and the County.  The county written form, sent in early June, is the one that contains the ‘legalese’ that is required by the State of California Office of Emergency Services and federal regulations.

By signing the form – the county and operators (tree removal teams) are not responsible for any damages.  1- Call you own homeowner’s insurance company to see what their stand is on the issue.  2- Insurance companies can go after the operator if there is a problem since they didn’t sign the form.  (whereas you, the homeowner did).  This seems to be where the ‘loophole’ lies.

At the end of the month (July) the County will be coming into Mi Wuk, onto properties not cleared by PG&E.  Those properties who have not already returned the signed Right of Entry Permit forms will have a form left on their doors.  Part timers will need to check their ‘cabins’ or ask a neighbors to check and send the forms to them.

If you have had to pay to have slash removed that was left by PG&E, file a claim with PG&E.

It will take 2 years for the bark beetle to die out.  That means that newly dead trees will crop up for the next several years.

Cedars that are dying are because of lack of water, not the bark beetle.

When the county starts coming through the Village checking on dead trees they will be marking trees that are up to 200′ from the center line of the roadway.

PG&E marks trees that are endangering power lines.

Phone PG&E at their general number, 1-800-743-5000, and follow the prompts until you reach one that will cover the tree mortality issue.   You might be able to find some appropriate information here.  (tree mortality in the Yosemite district)

That’s it.  Again, if your questions haven’t been answered, feel free to leave a comment on the blog or send me an email.

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