Notes from the Emergency Preparedness Meeting

Mind you, these are the notes I took while at the Emergency Evacuation Meeting.  Like my notes several years ago during the Rim Fire briefing, they are taken as quickly and accurately as possible.  I hope they all make sense.

Emergency Preparedness Meeting, 16 June 2018

Emergency Evacuation & Procedures 

Word of Life Fellowship Hall


  • KEEP an emergency backpack loaded and in your car at all times.
  • wagon – (as in little red collapsable wagon)  keep all important papers in it at all times

Neil Evans, Sheriff Dept.

  • notification–how to be notified when something is coming your way
    • social media
      • instagram
      • facebook
      • twitter
      • all above used by sheriff’s dept
      • tuolumne country office of emergency services
  • to sign up for emergency info
    • can localize area for immediate cell phone info
    • do you know of houses with special needs occupants?
      • AREA 12 and others will have lists of those individuals
      • adult protective services
      • social service
      • can arrange for busses/vans etc
  • animals, especially large ones
    • notify sheriff a.s.a.p. as groups will come in to help .  Animals will be taken to Posse grounds.  Fair Grounds
  • when a fire is coming hopefully we have some time.
    • always have mapping systems in cars so you’ll know where they’re going.
      • in case of last minute, fast moving fire – will do a HASTY NOTIFICATION – loud speakers or sirens, etc.
  • unified command when disaster occurs
    • not on same contact system
  • fire departments set up priorities
  • evacuation advisory
  • priority is human life first
  • have heirlooms, pix, etc in a localized location
    • have a 3 minute plan, 30 minute 3 hr plan, 3 day plan  TALK ABOUT THESE WITHIN YOUR FAMILY
      • think about Sonoma County fires
  • neighborhood watch is important in this realm
    • know about neighbors pets, invalids etc
  • seasonal owners:
    • familiarize self with alternate routes etc.
  • advisory – order of importance:
    • evacuation advisory:  area of possible evacuation
    • evacuation warning
    • evacuation order:  authority under penal code – Sheriff will evacuate children if parents don’t want to leave
      • neighborhood is shut down
      • will escort you back in to grab meds that are life saving

PLANS do not exist for particular neighborhoods.  They are development on as as need basis.

Rim fire – used mutual aid systems:

MAPPING SYSTEMS USED  Sgt. Jeff Hunt (search and rescue)

      • gis PERSONNEL
      • use a program called SARTOPO.  mapping software program.
  • hasty evacuation – 
  • maps are created on an as needed basis.
    • areas are segmented for sheriffs to evacuate homeowners
    • when home are cleared the areas are secured.
  • many layers of mapping – topography, street names,  
  • MISSION MANAGER – quick reference to get volunteers for assistance.  
    • any way to add more volunteers for search and rescue.
      • good Search &Rescue on line for Tuolumne county. 
  • reverse 911 – usually second stage; sometimes immediately as in Big Hill Fire.

reverse 911 updated since Rim Fire – sign up through county system EVERBRIDGE.  (need more info) LATE 2013

PRIOR registration……… must reregister.

  • LAND LINE – or CELL can be registered by county .  

Discussion re loss of power by PG&E when winds go up.  

Highway conditions : AM 530.  CalTrans

Have a battery operated radio for emergency moments.

everbridge – – menu – how  to – icon for emer system notification.


  • assist sheriff upon request
  • primary agency for road closures
    • will use CalTrans etc for more manpower to cover these closures.
  • in conjunction with CalFire for road closures
    • hard closure: no one is coming into area
    • soft closure: live in area with ID – officers have some discretion to allow entry
  • ID for those with DL – registration in glove box – ability to pronounce street name (added as a ‘joke’ — if you can pronounce the name of the street you live on in Mi Wuk, you most like do live there!)
  • anticipated evacuation route – will change quickly so it’s dependant upon each particular event/fire.
  • scanner – folks in RVs – go for it if you can.
  • reducing fuels along evacuation routes – needs to be done

Sheriff dept goes to house to determine occupants etc. 

If house is vacated, leave house locked.  

locked vs unlocked house.  CalFire unlock.  Sheriff lock

Back to CHP:

  • CHP is responsible for road closures and detour set up
  • 1-800-427-7623 (gasroad)
    • road closures


CONTACT INFO FOR EACH DEPT so I can get phone #s and websites given out today.

Kelsey Scott – Cal Fire

  • close up house
  • lock up house
  • have defensible space
  • park vehicles facing out
  • close drapes  – keeps heat out 
  • close gas tanks








911 calls – do not call the fire dept.  Call 911 

I’ll be sending 3 informational attachments when I get them in a format I can include here on the blog.

I hope you can pull important tidbits out of the notes.  They were typed as I heard them – no playback to double check what I heard.

Please ask questions as you have them and I’ll find someone who knows the answers.

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