Notice for Mi Wuk HEIGHTS Mutual Water District Members

If you are a member of the Mi Wuk Heights Mutal Water District, please have your eyes and ears open for unexpected water noise or runoff.  Tank #3 (on the right as you look at the tanks) is having an issue filling in a timely manner which indicates that there could be a leak somewhere.  Or not.

Mi Wuk Heights Mutual Water Co. Tanks
The old original redwood tank is on the left, second tank–metal–in middle, and newest metal tank on right. They’re sort of in my backyard, east end of Mi Wuk.  Visibility of the tanks has improved vastly thanks to tree mortality and 15-20 large trees being removed between our home and two others and the tanks.  A lot of the tree debris remains.


If you see/hear an unsubstantiated leak, please call Gregory Oliver, 586-2523.

Thanks for being aware and calling in if you see a problem.


Maybe tonight or tomorrow???  (Snow!?)
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