November Smoke Signals is at the Post Office

Have you ever wondered how the Mi Wuk Area Homeowners Association quarterly newsletter gets to your mailbox?  Well, first, except for the August edition which goes to every property owner in Mi Wuk Village, you need to be a dues paying ($30/year!!) member of MAHA……Mi Wuk Area Homeowners Association.

If you meet that requirement then you’ll be getting the November quarterly issue in a few days, depending upon where you live.  Today, six hearty souls trudged through the rain to help our editor, Sharon Gray, insert the Holiday Party invite in the middle of the Smoke Signals, stick on those pesky little circular wafers so loose pages don’t get caught in the postal machinery, add pre-printed address labels to each copy and then toss them into the appropriate bin.  953xx and 952xx go in one bin and all others go in another bin.  There are only 300+ for the November mailing as opposed to the almost 1000 for the August mailing.  Remember, if you haven’t joined MAHA, you won’t be getting the latest community updates.

Preparing the November Smoke Signals MAHA newsletter for mailing
First, insert the green flyer and then add the clear wafers, one each to each narrow end and two across the ‘top’ unbound pages.  Around the table we have Bob Chinook, Mike Welch, Chuck Wagner, Patti Parent and Sharon Gray.  Not in the photo are Earleen Chinook (who did the art work for the cover) and moi, the camera woman.


Part of the process: flyers and wafers
Close up of the process: insert flyers and attach wafers


attaching the pre-printed address lists of current members
Attaching the pre-printed address lists of current members to the cover.


Bins for separate zip codes
We only have to separate the mailing pieces into two categories: 953 and 952xx OR everything else.  The bins were overflowing when we finished.


Anyway, that’s the end of the “how do they get in my mailbox” question that I know you’ve been asking yourselves!  Not so magic is it?  🙂

Enjoy the rain.  It’s glorious and welcome.  Now we need snow to start this year’s snow pack.

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