Office of Emergency Services Letter

Removal of Dead and Dying Trees

All Mi Wuk Village property owners should have received a letter from the Office of Emergency Services a few days ago.  I had some questions when I read mine so I chased down the answers.  Thinking that you might have had some of the same questions, here is the information I gathered:

  • They ran out of return envelopes, so if you did not receive one in your packet, mail your Right of Entry Permit (all 3 pages) to
    • County of Tuolumne,  Office of Emergency Services, 2 South Green Street, Sonora CA 95370
    • Be sure to return the signed permit or the tree removal teams will not go onto your property and later removal will be your personal and financial responsibility.
  • If you don’t know your APN# leave that space blank.  The county will fill it in.  You can find your APN# on your Property Tax form, referred to as parcel number.  It will be something like 046-000-00-00.  Of course there will be numbers in place of all those zeros.
  • Be sure to include the date in the space provided.
  • On page 3, don’t worry about the first line, IN WITNESS WHEREOF, …….. or last lines, COUNTY OF TUOLUMNE……   The county administrators will fill in those areas.
  • Also on page 3, only one property owner needs to sign.
  • You can call this PG&E phone number, 1-800-743-5000, press #4 and then #4 again to reach the Vegetation Management Program.
    • I’ll be receiving a call back from this office re previously downed trees which are not included in this immediate program.  There is another grant/program in the works that will take care of previously downed trees. 

When the inspectors come around your neighborhood doing the Defensible Space Inspections, they will NOT ‘ding’ you for downed trees on your property.  They will probably note them on the form (you’ll receive a copy in the mail) but you will not be required/requested to remove them from your property.

Questions:  call the Communication Information Lines at 209-533-6394.  That’s where I started my question quest.  I got my return phone call, by a volunteer, within the stated 24 hours.  I may be able to answer some of your questions as well.

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