Old Mi Wuk Sign

Following is a letter from Mike Welch (on the left in the banner photo above) about “What to do with the old Mi Wuk sign.”

Hope you all have had a chance to see the new Mi Wuk highway sign. We have had many compliments liking its rustic mountain look. We still have a few things to do to it, put up the satellite posts, do some ground work around the sign, attach the permanent lighting, and do a little tweaking. This was a real community project and we appreciate all who were involved.

We still have the old sign. Not the posts, they went the way of compost, but the sign boards. They are stored at the lending library/community center if you would like to see them. We are trying to decide on what to do with them.

Some of the possibilities are, put them up somewhere around the library/community center or auction them off. Their condition is fair. A little dry rot where they connected to the posts, the dowel’s holding them together need replacing, the letters and boards need paint or stain. After the many years they stood out in all kinds of weather they are still usable.

We would like to get input from the community on what to do with them. If you have a new idea or just want to say yes or no to one of the existing ideas, please let us know. All input will be appreciated and taken into account.
There are many ways you can let us know your feelings on the subject.

1. Drop by the library and let the volunteers know of your thoughts

2. E-mail me at mike@nukacourt.com

3. Talk to or leave me a message at 209-586-2550

4. Also you can leave a response (in the comments area) on the Mi Wuk Blog: http://www.MiWukAreaNew.com

Michael Welch

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