PG & E's Current Focus is on Log and Debris Removal

Weather permitting, the cranes will be back next week, taking out currently marked dead trees.  But the current focus will be on log and debris removal. 

You’ll see many logs being brought from the center of properties to the verge of the road.  They’re being stacked for removal a.s.a.p. by designated tree removal crews.

Check out the intersection of Sierra Park and Muheli and you’ll see a perfect example of stacks and stacks of logs!

Sierra Park and Muheli Drives
Sierra Park and Muheli Drives

There are many more areas that look just like those above.  I’ve seen numerous log carrying trucks in the community the last few weeks so they are definitely on the move.  Be patient.

Many areas still look like this:

Yard debris after tree removal 1
Lama Rd. between Muheli and Palapeta/Lama Tamalin Road.


And as for today……..I had (chose) to build a fire this afternoon to take the chill off of our home.  It was darned chilly.

June 9th fire to warm our home
June 9th fire to warm our home

Here’s the view on the village roads this afternoon:  we’re in the clouds.

Mi Wuk Village in the clouds
Mi Wuk Village in the clouds
On my way to the PO on Sierra Park Drive
On my way to the PO on Sierra Park Drive — remember, this is June 9th!

(Just as I’m completing this post the sun is peeking out and the trees are a vibrant green.  So beautiful.)





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  1. Avatar

    We’ve received a Fire Safety Inspection Notice from Cal Fire dated 6/20/17, as I’m sure many in Mi Wuk have, noting “Failure to Correct Violations May Result in a Citation and Fine.” Re-inspection is on/after: 7/20.

    Our property is still literally covered with felled trees from the PGE tree removal program. How do we reconcile these two things? Can CalFire put pressure on PG&E instead of on the owners?

    1. Blythe

      Richard, you are definitely not required or even requested to do ANYTHING with the felled trees on your property. It is items in your control that you’re asked to take care of. Like……needles on your roof/gutter (hazard for embers) no spark arrestor on your chimney, vegetation around your propane tank, tall weeds, mountain misery taller than 4″. And perhaps bark or needles around the perimeter of the felled trees if it’s safe to remove. Do NOT climb in among the logs to remove debris. The trees themselves aren’t likely to catch fire from embers but debris around them can catch fire and that event can then ignite a log if strong/large enough. It’s the ignition fuel that the crews are looking for and hoping to encourage homeowners to remove. You can call the 586-5158 number at the bottom of the form if you have more questions or specific questions. Once again–the logs are beyond the ability of the homeowner to do anything about. The debris around them plus limbing up trees on the property are the concerns. I hope this helps. ~Blythe

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