PG&E and Recently Cut Trees

There appears to be some confusion regarding PG&E tree cutting and the follow up removal of the downed trees.  Why do they clear some downed trees and clean up the debris and not others?

According to Ethan Billigmeier, Tuolumne Office of Emergency Services, PG&E has two types of contracts:

1- Where the trees are cut down and then almost immediately picked up by a different crew, along with the debris from the branches.  Those are the specific to that particular contract.

2- Where the trees are cut down and left for the homeowner to take care of.  No removal.

At the tree mortality meeting a few weeks ago there was a representative from PG&E who was encouraging homeowners to fill out and sign a right of entry form which would allow crews to come onto your property and remove downed trees.  Many people did sign that form that day.  If you were not at the meeting or didn’t sign that form you will need to call PG&E, 1-800-PGE-5000.  You’ll probably have to leave a message but someone will call you back.  You want to request the Expanded Debris Management form.  Once this form is signed you are eligible to have the PG&E hired crews remove your downed trees FREE of charge.

If you didn’t see the article of my notes taken at that Tree Mortality meeting click here and then scroll down to the notes from Cory Peters’ talk.

I hope this helps.  Please ask if you have questions.  It’s a very fluid situation with many organizations coming together to offer the best assistance to the community that’s possible.

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    I have received the form mentioned, REQUEST FOR EXPANDED DEBRIS MANAGEMENT which I requested and received from Andrew,
    and have filled out the form but I don’t have the address of where to return the form
    so please provide me with that address.
    My property address is 22166 Sarah Circle, Long Barn, CA, located in the Odd Fellows Sierra Park.

    Much thanks, WJvR

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