PG&E De-Energization Update, 12: 30 p.m.

From Chief Steve McClintock, Mi Wuk Sugar Pine Fire Protection District

Here is a brief update from the 12:30 call with PG&E.

  • PG&E has made the decision to move forward with the de-energization and they are notifying their customers at this time.
  • Overall customer impact for this PSPS has increased to about 750,000.
  • There is still no definitive word on when we should expect de-energization. As I mentioned previously, we could be in Phase 2 with de-energization at noon tomorrow but there is a chance we would be included in Phase 1, which would take place at midnight tonight. PG&E will have that information by this afternoon and I will pass it along as soon as I know.
  • Cellular communications should still be intact throughout the duration of this event unless they experience damage from the winds.


Liz Peterson
Senior Administrative Analyst / OES Coordinator
Tuolumne County Administrator’s Office

From Chief McClintock: The Mi Wuk Sugar Pine Fire Station will have the capability to charge cell phones as needed. Don’t hesitate to stop by.

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