Bottom line:  The bears need to learn that they must forage for their own food……in their own habitat which is deeper in the forest.

Word is that we have six bears of various sizes wandering our area this year and that’s far more than previous years.  I never even saw a bear in the area for the first 30 years we owned our cabin/home in Mi-Wuk.  This year is a sharp difference.

The California Department of Fish and Wildlife does not remove bears from the community.  If a bear becomes a danger, rather than ‘just’ a nuisance, it will be trapped and killed.  That’s not fair to the bear which is only following the path of least resistance when he finds the food that’s been left out for him.

Garbage cans:  keep them in until as close to pick up time as possible.  For those of us in Mi-Wuk (I’m not sure about Sugar Pine) that’s usually the night before pick up since the trucks usually start their route around 6:00 a.m.  A “tasty deterrent” and “discourager” for the bear would be a dose of honey, in some sort of container, that has been heavily laced with cayenne pepper.  It’s a most unpleasant concoction and they’ll hopefully remember your can as being quite inhospitable.

And here’s a very special deposit left in our driveway:

This was all before 6:00 a.m on Monday.  What a way to start our day and week.  A quick call to Waste Management was able to bring the truck back after we cleaned up the mess and before the driver left the Village.  That’s not always possible but our timing was pretty quick after the driver had left our street.

Moral of the story:  PLEASE……..DO NOT FEED THE BEARS!

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