Power Outage 10-26/28-19 and Comcast "Service"

Power Outage 10-26/28-19 and Comcast "Service"

From MyMotherlode.com’s website this evening:

Update at 6:20 p.m.: Tuolumne County emergency officials update that PG&E has updated the number of customers affected by this new PSPS has been updated to the full amount of the last event, which is around 34,000 customers.

Click on the map to be taken to their page and then click on their map to enlarge it.

Update: PG&E Planned Power Outages Looking Increasingly Likely


Following is a portion of an email I sent to our District 3 Supervisor, Anaiah Kirk, this evening regarding Comcast’s proposed ‘service’ during the probable power outage this weekend.  If you know more that I do about Comcast’s plans, please share in a comment.

“This is what Comcast will be offering to us during the upcoming power outage—just like the last one.

  • No back up system in their plans.
  • No generators to keep their facilities running.
  • No credit for service not rendered.
  • No phone service in an emergency.
  • No internet
  • no no no no no”

This does bother me since they (Comcast) are giving no warning or heads up for their plans.  Their services can be vital to some homeowners.


Be sure you have gas for your vehicles, generator, grill, etc. and that you have semi non-perishable food on hand to get you through a few days without power.  Batteries for flashlights?  Be sure you have your necessary medications on hand.

Check on your neighbors.

And enjoy the peace and quiet.  Read a good book.  Play games with your family or friends.

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