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I’ve had a Mi Wuk homeowner ask about locating their property pins/markers and I have not much of a clue of how to find them or suggest that they find them.  A surveyor quoted anywhere from $350.00 to $ 3,400.00 depending on a number of scenarios.  Again, no clue if this was a county or private surveyor.  They do have a county parcel map and know ‘about where the pins should be’.

Any ideas or suggestions?

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    If they go to what they believe to be the edge of the property they may find some metal poles like rebar. Our property corners has them

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    Here is how I found my property pins myself. The planning dept in Sonora will have a copy of your property parcel layout. You will need to give them your APN number. It sounds like you have that already. From that map you review what seems to be the corner you think will be the easiest to find. For us, we knew approximately where the front left pin would be. It took us about 15 minutes of scrapping the surface in the area where we located it and placed a stake. Our property has angles in it. So we knew the next pin was so many feet away, let’s say 65′. We tied one end of a string to the stake, then measured out the string to 65′ and tied that end to the flat shovel. We scrapped an arch in area we suspected the next pin to be. We had trees we had to work around. We then started turning over the dirt along that arch line. Again, within 15 minutes we found it and staked it. We found all of our 5 pins using this method. Took us under 2 hours. If you have your property map with dimensions and find that first pin, depending on the size of you property, it is doable. Patience is required. A long measuring tape helps. Hope this helps.

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    The easiest pin to find will be the one next to your water main. “where the water meter reader finds your water usage”

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    We paid a surveyor $350 to find and mark the corners of our property. Our lot has a very odd shape and also has an easement with the water District. So, it was helpful to get an official statement of our property boundaries and the corners market with rebar and ribbons. With the dead trees needing to be removed, it’s important to have clear lines between property owners, the forest service, and the county. We felt the cost was worth it.

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