PSPS Update, 8 a.m., 10-9-19

As a reminder from Blythe: PSPS = Public Safety Power Shut Off

Here is the update from Liz PetersonSenior Administrative Analyst / OES Coordinator, Tuolumne County Administrator’s Office regarding PG&E as of this morning:

  • De-energization for Tuolumne County (as a part of Phase 2) will take place around noon but there is a “definite possibility” it could be pushed back about an hour to around 1:00pm
    • It takes a few hours for PG&E to complete the de-energization process so know everyone’s power won’t go off at exactly the same time
  • As of early this morning (between midnight and 4:00am) 523,000 customers are currently out of power in counties to the north of us
  • The PG&E Community Resource Center hours will now be from 8:00am-8:00pm. Again this facility is located at the Motherlode Fairgrounds at 220 Southgate Ave. and has water, charging capabilities and other resources
    • In addition, the Groveland Community Services District and the Twain Harte Community Services District have made their facilities available with water, wifi and electronic charging stations.
  • PG&E’s website continues to struggle with the amount of traffic it is receiving but they are working to resolve the issues. Their website is the best location for the public to receive updates and estimated restoration times:  
  • The County’s Economic Development Director and Visit Tuolumne County are working to compile a list of businesses that will remain open through the PSPS event. When we get that information we will share it broadly.

End of PG&E update.

Chief McClintock reiterates that the Highway 108 Mi Wuk Sugar Pine Fire Station will be open for your needs–cell phone recharging (bring your own power cords)and as a place to rest if you need warmth or cooling.

Updates will follow as available. From the long lines of cars waiting to gas up at Zak’s gas station last night, people are taking this seriously, as they should.

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