Quick Update, Saturday 11:10 a.m.

SNOWPLOW (pickup truck with blade) sited at Lama Hisum Road/Lika Court.

(and it’s Saturday!!)

Translation or interpretation: The truck/plow has come down Lama Rd. to the 4-way stop, continued through the stop sign to Lama Teumete and then on to Lama Hisum, hitting all the little courts along the way.  That’s a big WOOHOO in my book.  (Hi Jim G.)

I had a text from a friend saying that the overhead highway sign in Sonora said that Hwy 108 was closed at TWAIN HARTE but according to the Cal Trans webpage that isn’t true.  Maybe it’s a temporary closure.  More as I investigate further.

Dodge Ridge is open.

Snow tonight is forecast to go down to 800 FEET…….Knights Ferry.  Hey you folks (Hi Margie/Denny) in Copperopolis, you might be getting “some snow” tonight.

I’m quarantined to my couch (that bunion surgery) and can’t even see Lama Hisum so ……… if you take pictures (Hi Keverne, our local skiing/snowshoeing/photographing resident), please send them to me in an email (blythek@mac.com) or a text (209-352-1059) and I’ll post them on the blog.


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