Rat Poison and Our Pets

When you use rat poison for a problem that is affecting your home and immediate environment please place it in a place where the infestation is occurring, not out where pets or birds can inadvertently be tempted by the ‘bait’, ingest it and die painfully.

A local Mi Wuk beloved pet slipped off the leash, bolted and came home after finding and eating a ‘yummy, irresistible morsel’ and is literally now bleeding from the inside out.  There is a nothing that can be done now except to wait but the outcome isn’t looking good. The pet is sleeping in the dirt and moaning and hasn’t eaten in 7 days.  It’s an incredibly cruel way to die.  Yes he was taken to the vet and got a Vitamin K shot and pills but the vet said 50% don’t make it.  It takes 2 weeks to see what will happen.

A warning has been posted on the Twain Harte Chitter Chatter FB Group.

Remember, rat poison doesn’t only kill rats.  It kills anything that eats it or that eats the rat….such as a hawk or other bird of prey.

The sweet dog who ate this recent ‘bait’ is only three years old and is strikingly beautiful.  And now he’s holding on while in extreme discomfort.

If you have pets and kids, please be cautious.  This also affects other small animals and birds.  If you set out bait for a rat problem please use caution in placement of the bait so this doesn’t affect another family–or your family.

Besides being directly toxic to the mammals that ingest them, including dogs, cats, and humans, many rodenticides present a secondary poisoning risk to animals that hunt or scavenge the dead corpses of rats.

Click here for an enlightening article from the Pet Poison Hotline about rodenticides and how they work.

P.S. The lovely pet who was suffering from the effects of the rat poison has died and is no longer in pain.  But his owners are heartbroken and are now suffering pain of their own.  🙁

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