Road Clearing in Mi Wuk Village

Yesterday, Sunday, I was told that five county plowing vehicles would be in the community today, Monday, March 5th, to finish clearing both the major and minor roads within the community.  I’ve seen both the large yellow grader that has two blades and a small plow.

I drove out to Hwy 108 around 9:15 this morning and saw nothing except some pretty messy roads.  Coming back around 1:45 this afternoon I did see the two plows and some improvement on the roads.  There’s a long was to go.

You can be an on-the-scene reporter and let us know (leave a comment) what has happened on the road you live on.

Please be sure that you do not leave your vehicle on any roadway that will be cleared by a plow.  It’s the law!  I know of two vehicles in my immediate area that were real obstacles to the giant grader driver. One vehicle owner got a real tongue lashing and demand to move the vehicle.  The other car was driven around, leaving a mess for the homeowner (not the owner of the car) to have to clear later!  They do have the right to have your vehicle towed.  Don’t make their skilled and difficult job any harder than it is.

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In the meantime, here are some snow/plow photos from Sunday, March 4th.  As always, most of these photos are from the perspective of our property on Lama Hisum Road.  We were unable to get out our our driveway from Thursday until Sunday–after a lot of effort!

Klipple's "VW bug" grill.Our bbq grill.  We do grill all year ’round.  Usually.

Lama Hisum Road looking east
Lama Hisum Road looking east. This is where you do NOT want to leave your vehicle.  The plow driver very carefully skirted around it.
This is as far as well could clear our driveway--using a snow blower
This is as far as we could clear our driveway–using a snow blower.  Snow was at least 20″ deep and there was no place to push the snow with our plow.


Large yellow double bladed grader
The large yellow double bladed grader came by finally on Sunday afternoon around 4 p.m.  Here he’s en route up Susu Court.
Finally able to clear our driveway
Finally able to clear our driveway after using the snow blower to remove about 6-7 rows of snow.  The large grader made it possible to attempt to push down the berm, and then push snow across Susu Ct and Lama Hisum Rd.  Several passes later we were FREE!
Next task. My Jeep.
Next task. Free my Jeep.  We cleared a path and then rolled it down about 40′ where we cleared the snow and pushed it to the side with the plow.  Yes, “driving” it was rather exciting.
Sunday evening. Grill cleared and hamburgers for dinner!
Sunday evening. Grill cleared and hamburgers for dinner!

Monday morning.  Sunshine.  Here’s a lovely view of the old original redwood water tank belonging to the Mi Wuk Heights Mutual Water Company.

MW Heights Mutual Water Co. original redwood tank
Mi Wuk Heights Mutual Water Co. original redwood tank

I’m sure these are all familiar scenes to many of you.  They are a normal part of a normal winter here.  This winter has been anything but normal.  Is it going to be the new normal???  Time will tell.

I welcome your photos and thoughts.


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  1. Blythe

    I know that can be done Dave, since the blade was lifted as it passed a neighbor’s cleared driveway. However it wasn’t lifted at our 3/4 cleared driveway, just added to. Give a call to the Road Dept. with that comment. It’s really valid. ~Blythe

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