Rural Community Homeowner Insurance Renewals

The following is a copy/paste from an email I received regarding renewals for rural homeowners insurance policies. This affects all of us who live in this area. This insurance situation puts a hard hit on those residents who, like us, are about to sell their homes (we’re moving to Boise, Idaho at the end of this year to join our daughter and family and be with those amazing grandkids).

——— Forwarded message ———
From: Domenic Torchia <>
Date: Sun, Aug 25, 2019 at 6:39 PM
Subject: There Is Now A Scintilla of Hope For Fire Insurance Relief

Rural Neighbors –
I just returned from three days in San Jose at the California Democratic Party Executive Board Meeting. A lot happened but only one thing mattered.Below is the final draft of what could be a life saver for many. But first, how we got this far – then – how much further we have left to go.

Months ago, Lowell Young, Peter Leinau, and a few others realized that there was an ill wind stirring. They saw that within months there would behundreds of thousands – I suspect a million – rural(and not so rural) homeowners would be receiving either insurance cancelations or draconian premium increases. (entire zip codes black listed)
The final draft that we submitted to the CDP Resolutions Committee didinclude the item we must have to secure the relief we need – the publicoption. What we got back on Friday was a Committee rewrite – I thoughtLowell was yanking my chain. First words out of my mouth is who wrote this, Allstate? Farmers? State Farm? To keep it short – the Resolutions Committee (at least those who rewrote our submission) should be ashamed of themselves.
But wait – they did redeem themselves by accepting the magnificent rewritebelow and actually helping Lowell with his submission that led to a unanimousvoice vote from the approximately 300 EBoard members.

Last year, the Federal Reserve Board released a study they did. One of theconclusions on that study you may have heard. “40% of Americans say theycannot cover a $400 emergency.” Is that you? If not, it is someone you knowor a member of your family. Well, from forty to fifty letters i have gotten fromfolks I know, tell me “$400 A MONTH is less than what their premium increaseis.” Not will be, but it is now. And then there are a few who are now in talks with their lenders and have no idea how they will be able to save their homes.

How about those above who are forced to sell? If a buyer cannot get coveragein 95370, 95249, etc. they will not be buying your house.Plus, what about our neighbors who lease buildings for their businesses or rent a home – their landlords are forced to jack up rents – $400 to $600 a month?

Finally, Commissioner Lara, and others tell us to just call their offices and the will tell you about a State program the is called FAIR Plan. Well, the name is a misnomer, and the insurance companies who run it even tell you to “come to them as an absolute last resort.” Why, because if you got a quote, it is better than anything they will offer.
Sorry – had to do the intro. Now for what we all have to do. For a couple of days, you have to call every elected person you know – from school boards to Governor Newsom. Look up numbers on line – like Senator Andreas Borgeas (SD8) or Frank Bigelow (AD5) and ask them to look into sponsoring legislation creating a public option. (it would have been easier had we a bill already in.)  Other things that you MUST DO – Attend the meeting at the Sonora Opera Hall on Thursday the 29th at 6:00. Insurance Commissioner needs to hear from you. He spent a great deal of time at our Rural Caucus meeting Friday night and he took every question.

Recap – Call, visit, write everyone (school are going to be slaughtered by lost revenues as will counties and cities. CLEAN YOUR PROPERTY!! Notify your homeowners association. Whatever you think will put pressure on Sacramento officials to pass a bill that will provide for a public option.
The home you save may be yours.
All the best – Domenic

RESOLUTION 18-07.34LResolving the Pending Property Insurance Crises and Protecting Californians and Our State and Local EconomiesWHEREAS the California Democratic Party Platform vision of an economically strong California that respects and protects all California residents is threatened by increasing risk of extreme wildfires linked to climate change that can strike nearly anywhere; and 10 of the 20 most destructive wildfires in California’s history have occurred in the last four years, with more than 150 people killed and more than $25 billion in insured losses reported; andWHEREAS according to the California Department of Insurance, consumer complaints on non-renewals have increased 600 percent since 2010 and more than 100 rate increases have been filed with California Department of Insurance in 2017-2018 with more to come; and insurance availability is threatened  due to decline in the number of admitted  carriers, andWHEREAS non-admitted insurance plans deny Californians the protection of the California Insurance Commissioner and many of the requirements intended by California voters with the passage of Proposition 103; and the inability of homeowners and businesses to afford insurance premiums may damage local government through a reduced property tax base and a possible default crisis as owners become “upside down” on the mortgage-to-market-value, further exacerbating rural unemployment and harming the California economy; THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED that the California Democratic Party strongly supports the establishment of home and community wildfire defense and adaptation standards, and
BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the California Democratic Party supports requiring private home insurers to provide home insurance to homeowners and communities that meet that standard, at standard uninflected rates and supports creating a publicly owned fire and casualty insurance company.Author: Lowell Young, Assembly District 5
Sponsored by Lowell Young & Peter Leinau; Peter Leinau, AD 5; Carla Neal, AD 5; TomPratt , AD 5; Jamie Butler, AD 5; Mariposa County Central Committee; Ed Bailey, AD 5; Shirley Bailey, AD5; Darylsue StephanseeAD5; Ed Estes, AD5; Scott Hill, AD5; JaySeslowf, AD5; Diane Martin, AD5; Dave Martin  AD5; John O’Conner, AD5; Emily O’Conner, AD5; Joe Sebastian, AD5; Mark McKee, AD5; Gayle Basten, AD5; Chris Cantwell, AD5; Charles Stuhr, AD5; Joyce Stuhr, AD5; Mary Hirrinanu, AD5; Ronda Clarke, AD5; Greg Birkel, AD5; Roberta Tacket., AD5;   Moore, AD5; Carole Moore, AD5; Ginny Moody, AD5

–End of email–

Thank you Sam for sharing this email from Dominic.

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