S-L-O-W Transition of Our Blog’s “Mouthpiece”

In regular-speak, if you own property in the Mi Wuk/Sugar Pine area you hopefully received your August issue of Smoke Signals, the Mi Wuk Area Homeowners Alliance, Inc. quarterly newsletter in the last few days.  Back on page 20 is the Mi Wuk Area Blog article.  In that article I spoke about Russ and me moving to Boise, Idaho in November-ish.  Grandchildren would be the primary reason.  Then there are many other secondary reasons.

That said, I’ll be turning over the major blog posting to my neighbor and ace reporter Gregory Oliver.  The next few months will be training time for him!  I’ll come up with a special signature for him so you’ll know he’s the one sharing the news and offering commentary.  🙂

Hopefully you’ll hardly notice any difference except for the ‘voice’ that’s doing the typing.  And I’ll still be in the driver’s seat!

And at my house now??????  Packing, purging, donating, dumping, selling.  We have a few more items that we need to part with since our new, smaller, one level home won’t accommodate all that’s here.

Questions:  does anyone know of a reliable, reasonable and not-too-far-away jukebox repair person?  Thanks to a tree that fell across a power line 19 years ago (thanks for that one PG&E–we had them come out and look at it and they said ‘no problem’) there was a power surge when it fell and 2/3 of the jukebox is no longer working.  We would consider selling it for a fair price..  It’s a Wurlitzer 200, stocked full of 45s.

Does anyone know of a place in Jamestown or Sonora to take a vintage rocking chair for consignment or sale?  During my crazy days full of all other tasks I haven’t made it to a store that might take (on consignment) or purchase the ‘antiques’ I’m willing to part with.

We also have a Cable-Nelson upright piano that that will, so far, be staying with the house when we sell (goes on the market at the end of August).  Except for needing to be tuned it’s in perfect condition.  Very reasonably priced for the person who is interested.  I only wish we had a place for it in our new home.

Time to get back to get back to the job of the moment–painting deck railings/ballisters that should have been painted some other time in the past five years.  NOW it must be done!  Always put off what you can do another day.  Until that day arrives.  😉

About Blythe

My husband Russ and I have been full time Mi Wuk residents since 2003 and part time residents since 1987. Reality says that it's time to move on though and we'll be moving to Boise, Idaho at the end of 2019. I've been on the MAHA board for 'a long time' and am happy to be there so I can know what's going on in our community. I've also been on the MWSP Fire Protection District Fire Board since 2016 (or was it 2015?). You can always reach me at blythek@mac.com .
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  1. Larry Delaney says:

    I love your newsletter Blythe – you have made a great contribution to the community.

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