Sad News / Good News...and the Good News Wins

My husband told me this afternoon (Friday, March 22nd) that ‘something’ had been removed from the Mi Wuk Neighbors FaceBook page and when I went to check it out it was that awesome, enlightening circa 1955 Harry Hoefler Mi-Wuk Village Advertising video.  It was posted on the blog here as well and when I checked to see if it was still available……….it wasn’t.  Just blank space.  The YouTube account had been ‘terminated’ and the video was gone!

But an industrious FB reader did some research and found it from an archival source.  Thank you Mark M.

So, if you would like to have continuous viewing access to this rather nostalgic, historic video of early Mi-Wuk Village, a resort located in the California Sierra Nevadas,  just click here.  We got it back!

The images below were captured from the beginning of the video.

Check out the car!  I think it’s an Oldsmobile?

If you want a walk back in Mi-Wuk Village history you really need to sit back and watch the video.  I’d seen it before but really forgot lots of the content.  Check out the ‘vintage’ cars!  Maybe find yourself on the square dancing floor.  Or perhaps as a child at the swimming pool.  Or riding a horse or golfing or skiing.  If you do see yourself or your family, leave a comment below.  Note how many minutes you are into the video so we can find you!  Most of all….enjoy.

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