Sad News Not Well Publicized

Last Monday morning the husband of very good friends of ours here in Mi Wuk was out walking with his dog Scooter, for their morning constitutional.  At some point during their walk they were approached by THREE pit bulls that were running loose.  Bottom line:  Scooter was killed and the husband was seriously enough injured that he was hospitalized overnight.

All three dogs were picked up by Animal Control.  Two of the three dogs have been euthanized.  The third is on a ten-day quarantine while being tested for rabies because the owner could provide no verification of vaccination.

Needless to say, the couple is devastated.

There was a blurb in the “News of Record” section in the Union Democrat but it was totally inaccurate.  This is an item that in my humble thinking should have been in the newspaper, front page.  Three pit bulls running loose in the early morning, attacking and killing a beloved family pet and seriously injuring the owner.  And the owner had to witness it happening!

End of my rant.  My point in bringing it up:  be aware of your surroundings when out walking alone or with your pet.  And pet owners, please keep your dogs inside or gated or on a leash or somehow confined so we don’t have another incident like this one.


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    My husband and I have a place in Mi Wuk Village. We bring our two dogs with us whenever we come up to our cabin. On more then one occasion, loose dogs have charged me and my dogs when we’re out walking. My dogs are always on lead on these walks. Security cameras also show loose dogs running across our property. I agree with others who’ve posted comments. People who let their dogs run loose are irresponsible dog owners and should be reported to animal control. I bring my Grandchildren to MiWuk. They love to walk the dogs with “Mima”. I hate to think that I can no longer do that due to safety concerns about aggressive dogs attacking us and our pets.

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