Our Mi Wuk Sugar Pine Fire Protection District has set out on a new venture this year.  They have built a sleigh and decorated a tree so that Santa could take a bit of time off from his normal seasonal duties and come to visit the children in Mi Wuk Village and Sugar Pine.

This has been a community project:  Santa’s chair was donated by someone locally (I have no clue who), the tree came from the attic at the station, a group worked together on the sound system, the fire fighters designed, cut, created and finished the sleigh (S-771) in their spare time, and candy canes were donated by Auxiliary members.

Tonight the team visited Mi Wuk, starting out on Chief Fuller and Sierra Park Drives and then onto Lama Road.

Santa's special sleigh attached to the chief's truck
Santa’s special sleigh is attached to the chief’s pick up truck. (lousy camera work)
20 Dec Santa and little girl
It’s pretty neat having Santa come right on your street and then right in front of your house.  This cute little girl is having a great conversation with him.

Over on Lama Hisum, we heard them coming (fire horn briefly intermittently blasting) and ran down the driveway to greet the entire entourage of Santa himself, an elf (Mrs. Chief Crabtree, an escort of new/old Engine 771 and several fire fighters of various ranks from interns and volunteers to Captain Drew Collier to our chief, Larry Crabtree.  Plus the station photographer/historian Laurie Wallace and, bringing up the rear to protect the entourage from careless drivers, Tim Wallace.

Some of the crew escorting Santa

I was invited to sit on Santa’s lap.

Blythe and Santa in the sleigh

What do you want little girl!?
WHAT do you want little girl!?
See you again next year in Mi Wuk Santa
See you again next year in Mi Wuk Santa!

Santa and his helpers will be in Sugar Pine tomorrow night, December 21st, 5-7 p.m.  Be listening for the short siren blasts.

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