Santa's Sleigh is Almost in Sight

Santa's Sleigh is Almost in Sight

As you might know, I’m now residing in Boise, Idaho, but I still have a life-line to our great Mi Wuk Sugar Pine Fire Department.  I just heard, via the North Pole special phone line, that Santa will once again be coming through Mi Wuk Village to spread a bit of good cheer.

When:  Wednesday evening, December 23rd, starting at 5 p.m.

I’m not sure what his route will be but have your little (and big) ones listening for the honking horns and occasional fire sirens announcing his arrival.


MWSPFD's sleigh


This year, following Covid-19 protocol, Santa unfortunately won’t be reaching out to offer hugs or photo ops.  This will be a masked tour through the roads of Mi Wuk.  I wonder what his mask will look like???  Any guesses?  I’m thinking maybe a bandana mask so it keeps all those whiskers in control.  If you take any photos I’d love for you to send them to me.  (  I’ll really be missing this annual event!  With your permission I’ll post them on this blog.


My 2018 chat with Santa
2018 visit with Santa

I’m wishing everyone in Mi Wuk Village and Sugar Pine and surrounding areas a very merry and safe and thoughtful Christmas.  If you celebrated Hanukkah, or will celebrate Kwanza, I wish you a rich celebration as well.  I know there will be a lot of families that can’t be together.  And I know that Zoom is becoming one of my best friends.  Perhaps you’ll be connecting with family and friends via that means.  Enjoy it!  Take advantage of it.  2020 will pass soon and hopefully by next December we can celebrate a ‘normal’ holiday season.  Whatever you do, just be safe.  (Preacher here>>>)  Follow safety protocols with your mask, hand washing and distancing.  Let’s kick this inconvenient Covid-19 in the rear end!  This is the card I’ll be sending to a few friends to express my feelings as 2020 leaves us:


Donkey serenade to 2020


Until next time……..


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