Saturday Evening Fire Follow Up

After not being able to find any information online today I went out to our Mi Wuk Sugar Pine fire station and got a bit of information on last late afternoon’s fire.

We were lucky!

  • Lucky that the helicopters were available so quickly and could make the water drops
  • Lucky that the ‘bombers’ were available to drop retardant as quickly as they were

Finding the way down to the fire was a challenge.  Work needs to be done on identifying routes down to the Tuolumne River and other locations en route.   It could have been disastrous had it got out of control since the tree tops weren’t far away.  Our Mi Wuk Sugar Pine fire crew was dispatched at 6:09 and was on site.

The fire was said to be one acre in size.  Amazing and wonderful that the size was so small.  It was in the SRA area, i.e. Cal Fire’s responsibility.  Crews remained on site overnight.

If you have more information please leave it in the comment area or send me an email and I’ll post it.

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