Small World and Smoke Signals

I’m sure that many of you receive the quarterly issue of the Mi Wuk Homeowners Association’s Smoke Signals.  It’s a great way to stay informed on local happenings.  You can receive this publication by joining MAHA (Mi Wuk Area Homeowners Association) for a mere $30/year.  But that’s not what I’m here to talk about.

In the February issue I wrote a blurb that included some of the videos that have been posted here on our blog.  One of Mi Wuk’s long time part time homeowners, Terri McKinsey, saw the link to the 1955 Mi Wuk Village advertising video and sent me an email.  With Terri’s permission, check this out:

You also mentioned a video about MiWuk in 1955.  I watched it and really enjoyed it.  I recognized a lot of the areas shown on the video.  The Real Estate Office now is a cabin just around the corner from our cabin.  I recognized the meadow, which once was a golf course, and the pool which no longer exists.  I love MiWuk and shared that video with some of my family.

Today, I watched it for a second time.  As I was watching the beginning, I saw that it was produced by a company in Berkeley.  Then I saw something that amazed me.  The narrator of the film’s name was John E. Pedersen.  I listened to it very carefully and realized that was my Uncle John speaking!

I forwarded it to my cousin and asked if that could be his dad.  His reply was as follows:  

“Hi Terri: It probably was my dad narrating the film. He use to do work with the local filmmaker, John Siegel. They would do small budget commercial films and ads for local tv channels. Funny, huh? John S.  lived in Albany, I think.


What a small world!  If I hadn’t looked at your posting in Smoke Signals, I never would have known.  

………..PS:  My Uncle John was a Berkeley police officer until he retired and moved to Santa Maria.  That is why I was so surprised to learn of his work with this production company.  His wife, my aunt, just passed away last month at the age of 97.  Their son, Herb Pedersen, is a professional musician and has recorded with John Denver, Emmylou Harris, Linda Ronstadt, and many more.  He was in a country music group called The Desert Rose Band.  Several years ago, he performed at The Black Oak Casino along with Chris Hillman, formerly of The Byrds.

Isn’t that just a great background story to THE VIDEO FROM 1955?  Once more, here’s the link in case you haven’t viewed this treasure.

Mi Wuk Village Video promo photo--not the video itself!



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