Smokey Bear is Seventy Five This Year

The US Forest Service has created a banner in honor of Smokey Bear’s 75th birthday and it’s ‘traveling’ from one station or site to the next station or site.  One family took the banner on an adventure to as many California National Parks as possible during their vacation.

When it came to our station, thanks to Chief McClintock, there were several photo ops:

The monthly Fire Board Meeting on April 9th:


The Fire Auxiliary monthly meeting on April 10th:


The two handsome gentlemen below are sporting their new Class A dress uniforms that were purchased by the Auxiliary from their fund raising efforts on behalf of the department.  If you don’t recognize them all dressed up they are Captain James (Jim) Klyn and Chief Steve McClintock.  Now, when they attend official events (graduations, funerals, and more) on behalf of the department, they will look as important as they are.

from Salt Lake City!
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