Sunday Afternoon, 22 January 17, 6:00 p.m.

Russ and I have been out and about in the parts of the Village while venturing up to the Chevron gas station in Sierra Village.  Zaks is still ‘out’.  Among other things, they can’t accept credit or debit cards right now.  Neither can Andy’s – cash only.  We stopped there for a nice burger and onion rings on the way home from Sierra Village.

I took at few photos while out:

These are at Lama Hisum/Lama Tamalin and Olo Win Trail.  A tree fell on the Mi Wuk Heights Mutual Water District pump house (NE side of the road) at least a day ago now.  The tree didn’t damage any equipment, “only” the storage area.

intersection of Olo Win Trail and Lama Hisum Rd.
Tree fell behind pump house and across Lama Hisum Rd. Live lines were on the road but have been  ‘deactivated’ thanks to PG&E.
Lama Hisum road at Olo Win Trail
Panorama photo: Lama Hisum Road at Olo Win Trail.  You can see the trunk of the fallen tree on the left and the top of the tree touching the edge of the road.  Plus power lines and a pole.

Below:  Lama Road intersection:

4-way stop at Lama/Lama Tamalin/Papapete Roads
As of 5 p.m.-ish all 4 roads – Lama, Lama Tamalin and Palapete Rd. coming off this intersection were off-limits to vehicles.

PG&E is installing a new power pole.  After this installation they will be moving on to the Olo Win/Lama Hisum power pole replacement.

Per the last automated phone call from PG&E the four hundred and four residences affected by this power outage will have their power back by 4:00 p.m. on Monday.

Most of the wires you see left on/across roadways are cable, as is Comcast.  They will be the last to be repaired.

PG&E does have a safely system whereby all downed lines are de-activated and they won’t allow any lines to go live if there is a problem anywhere along that line.

The following may be changed by now but, as long a the 4-way stop sign intersection is closed to through traffic, you can exit Mi Wuk Village via Hekeke Lane into Sugar Pine and then to highway 108.  I’m not sure of the road names and would welcome information from anyone who has it.  I need a new map in my kitchen counter “office”.





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    As always thank you for the updates, it is much appreciated

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