Sunshine and the Old Mi Wuk Video

Isn’t it nice to have something other than weather, rain, snow and messy roads as the only topic of conversation for at least a day?

This wonderful exposure of more information about the circle 1955 Mi Wuk Village promo video has put smiles on several faces.  Check out today’s earlier post if you don’t know what I’m talking about.

Terri McKinsey, who started this ‘investigation’ has come up with a bit more information thanks to her cousin Frannie, daughter of John-the-narrator.  Frannie’s dad, Terri’s uncle, the man picking up his mail in the photo below, is indeed the narrator and he can be seen at 17:56 into the video.

John Pedersen, narrator of Mi Wuk Village 1955 video
John Pedersen, narrator of Mi Wuk Village 1955 video.  Now—who is the woman?

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    John Pedersen’s son Herb Pedersen is a re known Bluegrass and folk rock artist. I did not know him personally, but started following his work back in the late 60’s when he was in a band called Country Gazette. Many people feel it is one of the greatest Bluegrass albums ever made—certainly from that era.
    My wife Vicki grew up in El Cerritos Berkeley area and did not know him but did go to school with John and Tom Fogerty’s (Creedence Clearwater) younger brother. Lots musicians and talented artists came out of that area.

    I’m quite sure Bill Schneidermann would definitely know who Herb Pedersen is and may have even performed with him.

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