Sweet Pea's Breakfast and Scone Display

My son was here for the New Years “weekend” and I made the decision that we’d have New Year’s Eve breakfast at Sweet Pea’s restaurant out on Hwy 108 across from the Mi-Wuk Market.  My goal is trying lots of the goodies on the menu and we weren’t disappointed.

Walking in the door around 9:30 on Monday morning was this lovely welcoming — and that’s why I’m writing this little article.  It was so pretty and inviting!  Definitely eye candy!

We had five yummy breakfast and my pleasure was great watching my 9-1/2 year old grandson wipe out two large slices of Brioche French Toast and some bacon.  He had picked through his quite delicious ribs dinner the night before so it was good to see him attack a plate full of food!

If you haven’t tried Sweet Pea’s, I suggest you give it a try.  Everything is baked/cured from scratch and is delicious in a tasty way.  (I am NOT a food critic by any means!)  My favorite thing so far is their rye bread any way it’s presented.  So far I’ve had it in a Patty Melt and yesterday, as my toast of choice with my corned beef hash.  I was one happy camper!!!  This place isn’t fancy but the servings are realistic and the food is real.  I loved my house cured corned beef.

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