Our Mi Wuk Sugar Pine Fire Protection District Fire Fighters outdid themselves last night with their Santa Tour throughout Mi Wuk Village and Sugar Pine.  There were more volunteers, vehicles and lights than ever before.  They were prepared for a possible ‘business’ call, with Engine 772 at the end of the parade, but fortunately none came.

I’ll apologize ahead of time for the quality of my images!  An iPhone, at night/in the dark, funny lights on vehicles and excitement just don’t turn out the perfect (ha ha) photos I’m used to. The videos are more for the noise and excitement factor rather than the not-so-fine-quality!


Santa’s repainted sleigh, S778, was outstanding!  And wasn’t it sweet of Mrs. Claus to accompany Santa?


I really wanted my annual photo with Santa, along with my hubby Russ.


And away they go……on towards Lama Teumete Road.  Thanks for visiting us again this year.


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