The Mi Wuk Sugar Pine Fire Dept has a New Baby!

You might have missed the excitement at the Mi Wuk Sugar Pine Fire Station on Highway 108 Monday morning when a freight hauler delivered our new Water Tender…..all the way from Canada.  Capacity: 3,400 gallons.

Our new water tender arriving at the station.


Station Secretary Bonnie, Capt. Klyn, Chief McClintock and Intern Sean Busby were watching for the delivery to make its way up the hill.



On Tuesday the Water Tender got its first “family” door decal pronouncing it a part of the Station 77 fleet.  It will be known soon as Apparatus 777.


New Mi Wuk Sugar Pine decal added to the door


Soon, 777 will be deployed to its first fire.  But first it needs to be thoroughly checked out (all of those ‘well-baby-checks’), certified by Cal Fire, decals affixed to reflect our station, have some fittings modified, and personnel certified to operate it.

A contest will be open to community members to name the “new little one”.  For $1 you can fill out a slip at the Spaghetti Dinner on September 1st with your favorite name.  For $5 you can offer five names.  For $20 you can offer twenty names.  Simply put, each name you suggest will cost you $1.  Those dollars will go into a special fund for fire department apparatus.

The blue 911 decals will be removed and appropriate department information affixed in its place.

Captain Klyn, Intern Busby, Chief McClintock

I’ll be back with more details about our Water Tender next week.  Suffice it to say for now that it will be a real asset to our department.



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