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The following request is from Micki Rucker, member of the Mi Wuk Sugar Pine Fire Protection District Fire Board.


WHAT:       Mother Lode Fair 2014 Strategic Plan Update
WHERE:     Creekside Building Mother Lode Fairgrounds
WHEN:       November 29, 2016
TIME:          5:30 PM

On behalf of the Mother Lode Fair Board of Directors, I would like to invite you to participate in the Board’s review and update of its 2014 Strategic Plan.

This Plan is a road map of where the organization is going as a County Fair and as a Fairground. It takes into account what is needed to sustain the Mother Lode Fair and Fairgrounds into the future.

There were seven (7) strategic goals when the Plan was adopted in 2014, and this review will assist the Board in determining if these goals are still relevant today. Additionally, an Action Plan needs to be developed for 6 of the 7 goals to begin execution of the Plan.


California Fairs have experienced a reduction in State funding by as much as 2/3 of their original allocation. This reduction has forced Fairs to develop new business plans and new business models in order to maintain financial sustainability. The Mother Lode Fair will struggle to survive without looking at new and creative ways to increase revenue and reduce expenses. As other Fairs have learned, change is not possible without the support and assistance of its community.

The financial operations of the Fair and the Fairgrounds have resulted in expenses exceeding revenues in 6 of the last 7 years. This pattern has to end and the Strategic Plan will help provide the catalyst and direction for doing so. The Strategic Plan will be a basis for creating the 2017 Budget later this year.

Committees will be formed at the end of the meeting to work on Action Plans for the Strategic Goals. Action Plans include what action/objectives are necessary to accomplish the goal, who agrees to take ownership of the Action and who will take the time to ensure the Action will be completed. The Committees will ideally be chaired by a member of the Community and one or two Board Members who will act as a liaison between the Board and the Committee. The Committee Chairs and Board Member liaisons will be identified by the Board prior to the meeting. The Chair agrees to attend the Strategic Planning Meeting and hold at least one follow up meeting with their Committee members. Committee chairs will be briefed by telephone prior to the meeting.


Why take the time to create objectives and Action Plans for each of the goals? Objectives and action steps for each of the goals assists the organization as follows:

a. They help focus time and energy on activities that are most likely to achieve the goals.

b. The organization knows how to allocate Fair resources.

c. Goals and objectives set you apart from your competition. They give you a competitive edge.

d. The goals and objectives communicate the direction and plan to the organization and hold the organization (board, staff, and stakeholders) accountable for results.

e. Objectives allow you to track results and make mid-course adjustments if needed.

f. Goals and objectives help plan for the long term in order to address complex issues. It is important to avoid “seasonal” planning.


1. Welcome by the Board President

2. Introductions–everyone

3. Short summary on the process in developing the 2014 Plan

4. Purpose of the meeting and what we hope to accomplish

5. Review Mission Statement and Vision—discuss any proposed changes

6. Review the 7 Strategic Goals

7. SWOP Analysis of Goals

8. Changes to the current goals. Changes can include amending the goal, dropping the goal or adding new goals

9. Review the Action Plan/Objectives for goal number one of the current Plan as an example for creating an Action Plan/Objectives for the remaining goals

10. Describe the process for moving forward and creating Action Plans for the Goals

11. Introduce Committee Chairs/Board Liaison and invite people to sign up for the Committee of their choice

12. Next Steps

13. Committee Chairs meet briefly with their Committee members and identify a date and time to meet


Successful development and execution of the Strategic Plan requires a vast array of input from stakeholders including but not limited to the County of Tuolumne and the City of Sonora. All Emergency Service Providers, Event Promoters, Fair Concessionaires and Exhibitors, Friends of the Mother Lode Fairgrounds and the Community at Large are an integral part of creating the most desirable, productive Event Center in all of Tuolumne County and beyond.

I strongly encourage you to attend and participate in this review on November 29th.  The Strategic Plan can be found on the Fair’s website at Please take 15 minutes or so to review the Plan in advance of the meeting.

If you have any questions or would like to RSVP please do so by contacting Director Micki Rucker or 209 761-2640.

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