The Promised Arrival of Snow. Finally.

I had to run some errands in Sonora this afternoon (after having already been down there earlier in the morning!) and the promised heavier snow finally hit while I was gone.  I carefully took a bunch of photos on the drive back up the hill to Mi Wuk.  Average speed was about 20 mph., much of it 10 mph and a bit all the way up to 25 mph.  It’s nice having cars to follow.


I didn’t quite make it all the way UP our driveway, getting ‘stuck’ next to our garage after turning around and trying to scoot up the last 20 feet.  A few handfuls (or is that handsful?) of sand behind each tire (thanks Russ) gave me the traction needed.

Hopefully we don’t need to go out tomorrow.  If you need to venture out in these conditions (work, appointments, food) be sure you car is stocked with water, blanket and some food.   JUST BE SAFE!

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