The Rumors are True

You might have heard a whisper or two about the Klipple’s moving.  Well, they’re true.

Russ and I have purchased a piece of dirt in Boise Idaho.  We’ve chosen a small, one story home that will be built on said piece of dirt.  It will be ready for us in November/December, weather dependent.  In the meantime, we’ll be actively-right-here in Mi Wuk.  And yes, we’ll be leaving the recipe for the sauce for the annual Spaghetti Dinner fundraiser that takes place on Labor Day weekend.  (We can always use more volunteers to help with that event.  Send me an email if that idea interests you.)

The urchins you see below, Austin (15), Nora (12) and Landen (10) are a large part of our draw to Boise.  Other reasons: cost of living and pine needles galore.

grandkidlets, Oma, 537, 6 p.m.


We’ve put a lot of thought into this move away from our beloved Sanctuary here in Mi Wuk Village. But…..the time is right.  And Avimor, introduced to me by my daughter, is going to be a perfect community for us.  It’s just that, a community of all ages and backgrounds.  The property was a sheep and cattle ranch and was sold with the stipulation that only 30% of it be developed with a conservation-minded plan and that the remaining 70% be left wild, with hiking and walking paths throughout.  There will be a small ‘shopping area’ with a store, post office and more, a gas station already exists, a brew pub is under construction and a community center and salt water pool are operating full steam ahead.  I plan on conducting some stamping classes there, just as I have at the Mi Wuk Library.  It would be about a 3/4 mile walk (or drive) from our new home.

April 23, 2019, Avimor, Boise Idaho, 6 p.m.
Our dirt is also known as 537.

As in California, summers are brown and winter is green.  The google earth photo below was taken in 2018, obviously in the summer.

Many homes have already been built or are in the construction process in this area.  We are the first to build in our immediate area (Glenisla Avenue) so were able to have the exterior color of our choice: Sage green with darker green above and a redwood red door. I wanted that red door!!!!


I know you’ll have questions, such as what’s going to happen to the blog?  Well, I’m definitely looking for someone to pick up the reins and take it over.  Would that be YOU?  I will teach whomever the little tricks and ins and outs.  Except for photos, I can still write it from Idaho as long as my sources continue to feed me information but I think it would be wiser to have someone from the community doing the basic writing.

I plan to remain on the Fire Board until we hit the road.  Or maybe a month earlier.  I’ll also remain a member of the Fire Auxiliary.  They are a part of my Mi Wuk life and it’ll be extremely hard to leave them behind.

I’ve taught a card making class at the Mi Wuk Library since February 2004 and plans are for it to continue under the guidance of one of ‘my’ great students!  I’ll help with ideas and supplies as I do today because I’d hate to see this fun monthly event go away.

Now it’s time to get back to sorting, purging and packing what I can in little bits every day. Unfortunately December will be here before we know it.


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