Today is National Good Neighbor Day

How well do you know your neighbors? Up here in Mi Wuk and Sugar Pine we often have part time neighbors. Sometimes we know them, sometimes we don’t. Sometimes we never even see them.

Speaking for Russ and myself, we have no permanent full time neighbors but we do know our part time neighbors left and right and to the next right (via the back yard) and across the street and actually several other part timers across the street left and right. And we know lots and lots of full timers and part timers throughout the community because of our affiliation with the Mi Wuk Sugar Pine Fire Protection District.

Is anyone besides me a huge Mr. Rogers fan???

As a ‘good neighbor’ today, why not call a neighbor just to say ‘hi’. Or take some cookies or something thoughtful over to them. Or just walk over and introduce yourself with a smiling HI, I’m “Fred” or “Susie” or whomever. Perhaps you could ask if they’d like you to pick up their mail or run and errand. Now if my part time neighbors were home, I’d be walking over with a few glasses of wine. Well…actually a bottle so we could just sit back, relax and chat for a while. I must admit that we have THE BEST neighbors in any direction and when we leave this wonderful community we’re going to miss them big time. But that’s another blog post.

Howdy neighbor!

About Blythe

My husband Russ and I have been full time Mi Wuk residents since 2003 and part time residents since 1987. Reality says that it's time to move on though and we'll be moving to Boise, Idaho at the end of 2019. I've been on the MAHA board for 'a long time' and am happy to be there so I can know what's going on in our community. I've also been on the MWSP Fire Protection District Fire Board since 2016 (or was it 2015?). You can always reach me at .
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