Today's Meteorological Challenge: Flooding. Wind. With Some Rain.

When I drove out of Mi Wuk, heading for Tuolumne yesterday morning, I was astounded by the amounts of debris, mud and runoff over Lama Hisum > Lama Tamalin Roads and then Tuolumne Road heading toward the casino (I had a brunch meeting.)  There was also lots of fast flowing water crossing any road I traveled.  We can “look forward” to more of that condition for the next few days.

Klipple's "creek", Lama Hisum Road
Klipple’s “creek”, Lama Hisum Road.  This runoff ran under the road, gathering other runoffs and gushed out on the south side of the road into the continuation of the ravine.


These photos below are of the creek you cross when entering the Black Oak Casino parking area.

Creek by Black Oak Casino Creek by Black Oak Casino Creek by Black Oak Casino


On tap for the next few days:  a wind advisory and flood warning.

Mi Wuk Area Weather Warning

When you’re away from your mountain retreat, be sure to click on the weather map in the sidebar for current conditions.  I find this site to be the most accurate for our immediate area.







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  1. Avatar

    Thanks so much for keeping us all informed, we look forward to reading about the latest info in Mi Wuk.

    1. Blythe

      And I can now add long (like up to 70 seconds of boomimg) and loud (you could feel it) mid-afternoon thunder to that Bob.

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