Tuesday Morning Update: 24 January 2017

THANK YOU PG&E for getting most of us back up and running with power.  Unfortunately there are about 100 residences that do not yet have power.  But—crews are all over, working on those issues.

Power came back on for most early today, 1:36 a.m.

Note from Steve Durgen, Mi Wuk Heights Mutual Water District:  power is on, pumps are running and all is back to normal with the water and wells.

From OES (Office of Emergency Preparedness), Word of Life Fellowship might serve as a warming center tonight depending upon how many residents are still without power.  To be sure, call 533-5511, OES, for the latest information if you are in need of the shelter.

22 degrees this morning and a large snow plow has been on the Lama Loop (all I can see from my inside vantage point) already, making a wider-than-one-lane-road way.  I don’t know if they have plowed ancillary streets and courts.  YOU can be my reporter by letting me/us know about your street.  Leave a comment or email me directly.  blythek@mac.com

Big thanks to my most diligent field reporter and sleuth, Gregory Oliver.  We wouldn’t have had as much local news as fast without a lot of his information.

County snowplow, Lama Hisum road
County snowplow, Lama Hisum Road, Monday late afternoon


County snowplow, Lama Hisum Road
The driver really *worked* his plow.


County snowplow, Lama Hisum Road
County snowplow, Lama Hisum Road
County snowplow, Lama Hisum Road
Bye bye……..  (Monday, late afternoon)




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  1. Avatar

    Do you know if Pine Lake and Golf Links Dr have been plowed?

    1. Blythe

      I’m checking a few of my sources, but right now I don’t know. I also haven’t been out yet this morning. I’ll let you know if/when I get out to those roads today. ~Blythe

  2. Avatar

    Blythe, Thanks for keeping us flatlanders updated. Patty and I made the mistake of going up there Friday. We managed to get out Saturday, or we’d probably still be there.

    1. Blythe

      Oh my gosh Paul! It has been a challenge. Having a generator made it much easier for sure. Our neighbors were going to leave on Sunday, chose to stay till Monday and finally left yesterday afternoon, Tuesday. Lots of shoveling. We were their ‘iPhone charging station’ to keep them in contact with the outside world. And…….you’re welcome! 🙂 ~Blythe

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