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Sonora, June 23, 2018: The Tuolumne County Amateur Radio & Electronics Society (TCARES) will be participating in the national Amateur Radio “Field Day” exercise, June 23-24 at the Mi-Wuk Sugar Pine Fire Station. This event is open to the public and all are welcome to attend. No prior experience is necessary. TCARES will have radio transmitting stations set up for demonstration and use. The event operates continuously from 11 AM Saturday until 11 AM Sunday.

TCARES’s Field Day gives the public an opportunity to experiment with electronics, communications techniques, and get on the air to talk across the state and across the nation. Various modes will be in use, including voice, digital and Morse code. TCARES also provides a free public service for the County of Tuolumne during a disaster by maintaining equipment, skills, and coordinating with local public disaster response agencies. Field Day demonstrates the core of Amateur Radio, science and service: working reliably under any conditions from almost any location to create an independent communications network.

“When emergencies occur, your instinct is to reach for a cell phone or connect with the internet assuming that it will work as usual”, said Larry Crabtree, TCARES Club President and Retired Fire Chief, “But if there’s an interruption of service or you’re out of range of a cell tower, you have no way to communicate. Amateur Radio functions completely independent of the Internet or phone systems and can be set up almost anywhere in minutes. That’s the beauty of Amateur Radio during a communications outage.”

Radio operators can literally throw a wire in a tree for an antenna, connect it to a battery-powered transmitter and communicate halfway around the world. This is done by using a layer of Earth’s atmosphere as a sort of mirror for radio waves. In today’s electronic do-it-yourself (DIY) environment, Amateur Radio remains one of the best ways for people to learn about electronics, physics, meteorology, and numerous other scientific disciplines, and is a huge asset to any community during disasters if the standard communication infrastructure goes down.

Anyone may become an FCC licensed Amateur Radio operator. There are over 750,000 licensed operators in the United States with over 100,000 in California, as young as 5 and as old as 100. To get started, those interested can get help from the TCARES club, study a free exam prep booklet, take a $15 FCC exam and buy a hand-held radio for as little as $50.00.

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