Update to Power Outage

Russ  and I just took a tour of the neighborhood. On hickey court are two trees down. Both trees are green. One tree is hanging over the powerline and the other tree is laying across the roof of the downhill house. I’m sorry I did not get the house number. There is one PG&E truck there and he’s searching for crews to come and Grant aid.  He said many many crews are in for Northern California in the Eureka area so Crews are short.

UPDATE  4:41   If you want to see not so smart people, come and visit the Klipple’s! Power just came on and we didn’t even notice it because we have been operating with lanterns. We just plug in the modem for the computer and then everything came on. Signing out on this post and I am going to try and login via my regular computer. There is more to say.


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    1. Blythe

      Mabel, I will check that area out tomorrow. I’m not sure if it extended that far. I will ask around–I have a friend on the far end of Telele Trail. Who is your water company? The 187 residents are coincidentally the exact number of the Mi Wuk HEIGHTS Mutual Water Company. If you’re on Mi Wuk Mutual Water, you were probably with power. ~Blythe

    1. Blythe

      Christy, when I keep you updated I keep me updated as well. 🙂 ~Blythe

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