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    Very fun! Does anyone happen to know how long the golf course/horseback riding, etc. stayed operational after the units were all sold?

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      The golf was around at least into the 80s’ I dont know about the horseback riding

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    Very cool! And the vests are very neat. MAHA should make some of those and offer them for sale. I think they would be a big hit

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    Enjoyed this video very much! I was able to show my children the swimming pool, that I enjoyed swimming in. Is there anything like this about Sugar Pine?

    1. Blythe

      If there is, or if someone has some Sugar Pine information to share, please let us know. If you have an old movie or memorabilia, I’m sure there are many who would love to see it. ~Blythe

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    I loved the video. We have a cabin on the east side of the meadow, so enjoyed the shots of the golf course. Wish it was still a golf course.

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    This was wonderful! I moved up there in ’65, age 14…the golf course, pool, restaurant and bar were still in full swing, but the little ski tram on the golf course was mostly gone…the bldg. that housed the old car chasis, that ran the tow rope, was still there. It is all houses now. The stables were still renting horses.
    I was surprised to hear at the end of the film that…Mi-Wuk was a planned and restricted community…that’s a surprise!

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    That was just great. We have been up in Mi Wuk since 1976 and enjoyed the golf course, swimming pool and dinner on the deck at the lodge. Our neighbor was an original and built his cabin in 1956.

    Thanks for sharing it.

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    We moved to MiWuk Village in 1955, the year of the film. We lived through all these activities. At the time it was a very family oriented and social place. My parents liked to play golf and the kids would hang out at the pool. Most everyone smoked cigarettes and enjoyed cocktails. It was pretty much a continuous party. My oldest brother worked at the pool snack bar and was involved in a musical put on at the clubhouse- Tea hose of the August Moon?

    We are still here 60 years later at Kome & Jeanita!

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    Very charming,…and surprised to see my great uncle (Venson Paul) as the bartender at 7:59 on the video. He and Harry Hoefler were good friends.

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    Thank you for that trip down memory lane. I was 10 when it was made. My parents had a cabin in Long Barn and we came to MiWuk to swim a few times. I think we rode the horses a time or two, also. The woman in the model home segment looked just like my mother looked at that time. I have wonderful childhood memories at our cabin in the Sierras and now have made and continue to make wonderful memories in our retirement in MiWuk Village. We love this elevation and are part-timers here.
    Lanita Moen

    1. Blythe

      And we get to have you as much loved part time neighbors. ~Blythe (and Russ)

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    Thank you for these memories. My parents bought their cabin in 1959, at the end of Koteo lane. So many memories of the pool and country club. My folks are both gone now…I’ve wanted to drive to Mi-Wuk just to smell those trees. Great place for a kid to spend summers ( and Winters at a dodge ridge)

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