Vintage Mi-Wuk Motor Lodge Sign

Vintage Mi-Wuk Motor Lodge Sign

As you may or may not know, Russ and I are moving to Boise, ID in December.  We still have lots of “goodies” to go through and keep, share, donate, dump, ignore……whatever.  Yesterday our friends/neighbors Neal and Chandra stopped by to see how we were progressing.  They noticed the old Dodge Ridge sign I salvaged from the weeds when the Mi-Wuk Motor Lodge site was being transformed to Zoe’s and the Word of Life conference lodging.


Vintage Mi-Wuk Motor Lodge/Dodge Ridge sign, c. 1956

So, we walked them around our storage shed to show them another rusty goody I had salvaged from the same weedy area.  They appreciated it as much as we had, so……..we offered it to them if they’d like to take guardianship.  Yes.  Isn’t this a rusty beauty?  Does it bring back memories for you?  Does it make you smile?


Vintage Mi-Wuk Motor Lodge road side sign


Vintage Mi-Wuk Motor Lodge road side sign

If you happen to know any historic details about this sign or have photos of it from days gone by, please make a comment below.  Or send me an email of your photos and I’ll post them.  (

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    Oh! I adore this. If they ever need to re-home it, I would gladly take it off their hands. So many memories of seeing that sign as we headed to our then-place on Koteo.

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