Visitor in the Neighborhood

For the first time since we purchased our cabin-now-home in 1987 we have seen a bear.

Black bear 24133 Lama Hisum
Black bear 24133 Lama Hisum

He/she moved on to Aselu Court, then Lama Hisum near Olo Win with another siting at Tuyu and Lama Teumete at 5:10 PM.

Gregory Oliver will be calling Fish & Game tomorrow.  They will set a humane trap and and then relocate the bear.  Today is the third siting.  We’re guessing he/she’s about 2 years old.

If it’s safe to grab a photo (I took mine through my stamping studio window) send it on to me with location and time.

Now back to finishing my grandson’s 13th birthday card….



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  1. Avatar

    Thanks for your posting and Sue Crabtree’s too! We live on Lama Teumete where he is traveling. We immediately went to our neighbors to warn them as they do not use a computer. One neighbor walks his dog and will be on the alert! We appreciate your help in keeping us safe!

    1. Blythe

      And Jim, that’s exactly what this blog is for…..keeping us all informed. Thanks for taking care of your neighbor.

  2. Avatar

    The bear was spotted on our property Umasi Court on May 13th.

    1. Blythe

      He/she’s definitely getting around. If he bothers your trash/compost put some cayenne spiked bacon grease or sweet syrup around the area. It’ll help to teach him that it’s not a great place/flavor for rummaging for food. ~Blythe

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